Our Doctors

Dr Yang Guirong

Assistant Medical Director


Dr Yang graduated from the National University of Singapore, with 7 years of experience as a practising doctor. He has a strong experience in surgical disciplines, handling cases ranging from the outpatient setting to emergency procedures. He has worked full time in a primary care setting since 2018 and is comfortable with managing both acute and chronic conditions. 

Doctor Anywhere is also supporting his pursuit of the Masters of Public Health (MPH) Programme (till 2021) with the University of Edinburgh. The MPH program is a rigorous 3-year program targeted at preparing candidates for further administrative roles in public health. It has equipped him with the necessary skills to solve public health problems.

Dr. Raymond Ong


Dr Raymond Ong graduated with an MBBS from the National University of Singapore. He has completed postings in Children's Emergency, Accident & Emergency, Internal Medicine and General Surgery, at notable hospitals in Singapore such as Mount Alvernia Hospital. His areas of interest include Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Chen Lin


Dr. Lin graduated from the National University of Singapore, with 4 years of experience as a practising doctor. He has worked in major public hospitals in Singapore, in the departments of pediatrics, orthopedics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, tuberculosis control unit, and also served as a Medical Officer with the Singapore armed forces.

Dr Daniel Lim


Dr Lim graduated with an MBBS from the National University of Singapore. He has spent 4 years in professional practice in the Singapore public healthcare system, in various disciplines including Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, and Emergency medicine. Dr Lim is a firm believer of the added benefits and utility that telemedicine brings to the community, and strives to provide the best care to his patients, both in-person and over a video-call. Dr Lim is fluent in English and Chinese.

Dr Rachel Chin


Dr Chin graduated from the National University of Ireland, Galway, with 3 years of experience practicing medicine in Singapore hospitals. Her previous appointments include Medical Officer roles in Cardiothoracic Surgery, General Surgery, and Anaesthesiology. Dr Chin also holds a Bachelor degree in Accountancy.

Dr. Michelle Phua


Dip of Aesthetic Medicine (USA)

Dr, Phua is a Family Physician who graduated from Cardiff University (UK) in 2007. She spent years rotating through various clinical specialties such as Internal Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Medicine, and Internal Medicine before joining the private practice.

Dr Samandika Saparamadu


Dr Samandika graduated with an MBBS from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has over 4 years of professional experience in across several hospitals in Singapore. Dr Samandika has worked in the areas of Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Geriatrics, Laboratory Medicine, and Renal Medicine. He holds a special interest in Public Health and Policy. Dr Samandika is fluent in English, Singhalese, and is conversant in Tamil and basic Mandarin.

Dr Konrad Ong


Dr Ong graduated from the University of Queensland and practiced in the Singapore public healthcare system for 4 years prior to joining Doctor Anywhere. He believes in the importance of providing comprehensive medical care at the community level and has rotated through various postings such as Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr Ong also holds a Bachelor's degree in Science and Education, and a Master's degree in International Educational Development from NTU and Columbia University respectively. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Hokkien.

Dr Lo Ying Tai


Dr Lo graduated from the National University of Singapore with an MBBS and DWD (CAW). He has 4 years of experience in professional practice in Singapore hospitals, in disciplines including Opthalmology, Accident and Emergency, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedics. Dr Lo has special interests in diving and compressed air works, Aesthetics Medicine, Geriatrics and Rehab Medicine, and Palliative Medicine. He is fluent in Chinese, English, and Cantonese.

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